Monday, February 28, 2011

A Q and U wedding

So for our preschool group I had the letter Q. yuck! What do you do with the letter Q??? Well, in the elementary school I worked at they had a Q and U wedding. I mentioned it to the kids and they were excited but when I thought more about it I didn't want to do it. Like a week later Hannah told her mom that "she still didn't get to marry jackson." I felt bad so we did it. They got into it more than I realized. I mean, the wedding part, I don't think anything about the letter Q stuck.

unfortunately for jackson he is the only boy in his preschool so he had to marry all three girls. he was pretty over it by his 3rd wedding but i made him do it anyway so he wouldn't let the girls down. I did feel bad for him though.

Then we made a wedding cake, complete with buzz and jesse on top--a detail which i loved.
So I wouldn't do it again. They actually got into it more than I imagined. I came downstairs and jackson had kissed one of the girls. It was innocent and his explanation was of course that they were married but I think it might have upset a girls mom. so i'm not recommending this activity but i couldn't not post it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coolest car i've ever owned.

We bought a 2007 Honda Odyssey this month. I've never owned a car this cool in my life. Features: leather, 8 passenger, fold away seating, dvd player with wireless headphones, cd changer, seat warmers, doors that open/close with pushing a button on my key remote, a key remote!, cruise control, like 13 cup holders, rearrangeable middle row seats, sunroof, and durability of a honda. it has 111,000 miles on it but we think we can push at least 100,000 more. We waited a while to make sure about what we wanted. oh, and the coolest thing...we paid in cash! yay! we always said we would but after going to dealerships it was so tempting to go newer. i'm glad we didn't though.

i love to see this when i walk out to the car (i mean minus the escaping baby.) As weird as it may sound to anybody who doesn't own/want a van, I feel so vain driving it. I feel luxurious. I feel blessed and cool. I know we are not all of the same opinion but I'm so glad to be at the van stage of life!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I think 4 is awesome

or maybe its just jackson is awesome. Think back to 3 months ago. I had been trying to get himto stop sucking his thumb. I told him that babies suck their thumb. I told him that 4 year olds don't suck their thumbs. I told him I was so happy when he sucked his thumb because it meant he was still little and I didn't want him to get bigger. When I'd catch him sucking his thumb I'd tell him to stop to which he'd reply "No, I can because I'm not 4 yet!" Well he turned 4 and that was that. Then recently I noticed I hadn't seen him sucking his thumb at all. I gave it a few days to observe and I still haven't seen it. Is that amazing!? I think it is. The will power. the initiative. Maybe Jackson was right, maybe 4 really is big.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

jackson was in bed

Brent and I grab a bag of pretzels to munch on while we watch watson on jeopardy.

Jackson is within in seconds at the top of the stairs. "um, what's in that bag?" he couldn't see us but he's very familiar with the unique crinkle sound of a bag that is made for snack foods.

i think he has super hearing...when it comes to snacking.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A farewell

remember how i'm a sap? well, its one those posts.

This 1996 camry was my first car. my parents told me they would pay half up to $4000 if i paid the other half. i wanted a camry. to me they screamed i'm a responsible and practical person. I'm still not sure if I fooled anybody. well, after 237,000 miles, we said good-bye to the camry. It was pretty weak in its last days and on its final trip made it all the way to our street and died 2 doors down. It was a lot like Scarlet's horse that died at Tara's gates after carrying her and Melanie home from Atlanta. (I love that book/movie!)
Because I am a sap I took pictures from the porch.

The man, assuming I was taking pictures of my son admiring the tow truck, told me he'd let jackson sit up front. So i took that picture too.
I don't have pictures of our early days shared together because they were pre-digital photos but here are some special days we shared together.

Friday, February 11, 2011

It only took a year and a couple weeks

for sam to be added to the banner at the top of the blog. what do you think? Andrea Larson took that picture.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The truth of it

I've been procrastinating posting because after I posted Sam's birthday I realized that was my 300th post. 300th! I wanted to do something cool to celebrate or something. This morning I sat down, deliberating what I could do but the truth of it is, this is what my bonus room looks like right now. Did you wanna see it again?? yeah....its that bad. Maybe now isn't the best time to tackle an ambitious giveaway.
While I may be behind in some things, every Sunday this year my sons have gone to church in ironed shirts and pants which previous to 2011 I don't think had ever happened. (Judge me however you may for that previous sentence. harshly-because I iron so rarely or awesome-because I did it, but I'm on team AWESOME!)