Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breakfast fun

Feeding the man on his shirt. notice the cheerio on the surfer's head....
copying everything his brother does. down to feeding popeye his cheerios.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

He's tough

This is the story I was told this morning.

Apparently Sam was about a third of the way up our stairs. Brent said he saw him stand up and turn around but wasn't really sure what was going on. Then he tried to jump. He tumbled down the stairs, completely bewildered as to what went wrong. Are you surprised Brent? It was Sunday when you pushed his loving mothers arm out of the way so that he could try to jump from your parents fireplace. You let him jump 4 times before you told him to stop.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm not kidding

Sam walked up to me yesterday morning and said "I wanna poop poop." He says it often enough. I said "ok go poop poop and then I'll change your diaper." He waddled off then came back in the room with a full diaper. What!?! I actually have put him on the potty before when he has said that but he just acted scared and tried to get down. 20 months?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


family pictures

It was fun. We're having family pictures done in December with Brent's family. Last night we picked a color theme (grey, navy, yellow, and stripes). Now these aren't the exact things because I couldn't figure out how to do that and of course we're using a lot of what we already have but this is generally what I'm thinking. Honestly, I just think having the clothes laid out like that makes me feel like I'm some kinda fashionista. hehehe I'm so not. I welcome any and all input. What's good about it? What's not working? I want the ties to look more casual and less dressy. Is that working or do we just all look formal?
oops..... looks like Sam figured out how to eat whoppers without bothering to ask somebody to open them. He's probably had 5 packs by now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jackson's practicing for the primary program

my favorite part is when Jesus anointed that prophet in his ear.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a mess of a monday

i should start out by saying, brent and i really don't get sick very often. We are, however, a little covertly competitive with who feels worse sometimes.

Monday morning Sam woke up crying ridiculously early (like 5:30). I went in, put him back to bed then went back to bed. He started crying again at 6:15 (still very early for us) I ignored it until Jackson came and told me that Sam wouldn't stop crying. I went in to hold him then thought, this will not last so i took him downstairs, gave him milk and cereal then put myself back in bed. He was crying at our door again in 20 minutes or so. I put him in bed and eventually he got still enough that I at least thought he might have fallen asleep. until Jackson came in and wanted to sleep with us. Brent and I are not used to, in fact do not enjoy sleeping with children. Brent gets very impatient and I was so tired of dealing with Sam. We sent the kids to the bonus room. Brent told me he didn't feel good and my response "well, I don't either." (I know very callous.)

Brent got up and went to work and I stayed in bed.

When I got up at 9:00 I went downstairs and the threw up. I didn't think much of this since I am pregnant and it was late for me to get up. I ate breakfast. really thinking I was fine but I was so tired. more so than usual. I was up with the kids but hardly (if you know what that means.) I knew I had to take a shower so I could get to the store because the missionaries were coming over. When I got out, I immediately threw up again. What!? That is not normal. I called Brent to tell him 1) feel sorry for me I'm sick and 2) you really might be sick you might want to come home. I felt better afterwards though and thought, well I still have to go to the store. When I was at foodcity I could feel my insides taking a turn again. I thought I can get through check out. We were quickly walking to the counter when I realized there was somebody in front of me and more importantlly, I was not going to make it. I pulled Sam from the stroller and told Jackson to run with with me. I ran as fast as I could and as soon as I opened the door started going. (luckily it was empty) Jackson was walking around talking about how gross I was. I started crying when i had to tell a worker that I hadn't made it all the way. When I left the store I was going to call brent and tell him what had happened when he called me. I thought "wow, he really loves me. he's in tune. kindred spirits."

He told me he was at work but that he started feeling worse and worse at work and had decided to leave. As he was leaving he go really unstable and stumbled into the break room. He almost passed out and they called the paramedics!! Really!?! He checked out with them but his coworker was taking him to the hospital. I guess I'm cold but I thought that was so silly. He said he didn't want to go but they had insisted. I convinced them to let me take him and let his co-worker go back to work. When I told Jackson daddy was sick he said "He's sick of you being sick." It was like this big issue on the phone with whether or not his work could insist he go to the hospital. It was decided they couldn't (duh) but couldn't require a note from a dr. saying he was ok to return to work (what!). I really didn't want to do that but under the circumstances ok. Taking Brent to the Dr. is not what I wanted to do. (who would even remember I was sick!) I know I'm bad. When we got there we were both practically asleep in the waiting room. They called him back and said they were only taking his vitals and for me to wait where I was then they'd send him right back to me. After a minute or so I heard the nurse say his name a few times, call for help, continue saying his name then say ok nevermind. That woke me up. I wanted to go in there but the door said restricted. (I am a strict rule follower--maybe dumbly so but the door said....) When the nurse called me in she told me he had passed out all the way that time. I now felt so dumb and mean. He had a fever of 103! They hooked him up to an iv.

The Dr. said he thought it was just a bug. Stay home the next day and if you feel fine then, go back to work. We went home to Brent's parents house where we were absurdly pampered. It as so nice to not have to face dealing with the kids and helping each other alone and yet we weren't isolated and could be with people when we wanted to. That's always the biggest dilemma for me. Should I keep the kids or not? I miss them when they're gone but I can't give them much when they're here. It was definitely the best of both worlds. Thanks to all the people that called and helped. We have the best family and friends.