Friday, August 24, 2007

Rachel! I mean... Sister Hutchison

Seeing Rachel was one of the best parts of our vacation. I was pacing the doors before we found her. We'd scheduled a tour which I thought it would be the traditional temple square kind but she took us to some of her favorite parts on the square. It was so fun. I almost felt like I was just hanging out with my sister until Brent corrected me every time I called her Rachel. Actually, when he'd say "sister hutchison" in my direction as a reminder I'd think he was talking to me! I haven't been sister hutchison for 2 1/2 years! Brent's parents were with us for the tour.
The first thing she said wasn't directed to me at all. It was "now this is who I've been waiting to see!"
Classic pose. This was also the beginning of the end because she got too frustrated with me and my camera.
She took me to the mission office. They checked their mail but unfortunately didn't find anything. To all of you who are reading this you stil have one month to cheer her up!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sweet Home

We took a "just because" trip to see my folks in Alabama this weekend. I didn't realize how much I needed it until I got down there. My parents purposefully take every opportunity to spoil us. Jacob was down there as well that weekend and so just added to the treat! We didn't get a whole family shot but I suppose you can just piece it together. Mom got these two matching shirts for the boys. We average about ten attempts before we get one good picture. This was after church when both boys were hungry, fussy and tired and we got a good one on the first try! What luck! Our men in seersucker. Don't they look great!
We all went on the boat on Saturday. I still don't know if its legal or not to take Jackson on the boat. Luckily, alls well that ends well. He didn't get in at all but I think he enjoyed the ride!
Sweet potatoes anyone??

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sitting pretty...i mean...handsome!!

This week we've really been sitting a lot. I like to pile toys all around him so he doesn't have to look up very much which tends to throw him off balance. That being said, I thought the best pictures were from above. Jackson has also loved finally being able to see the whole basket of toys. Amazing! To actually have a selection is great instead of his normal routine which is whichever toy he happens to roll into!
We have also learned the problem with the toy basket. He just can't seem to get close enough!