Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas preparations

This was our first year to go and see Santa. Jackson was so excited. After telling me for 2 weeks he was going to ask for a tricycle, that morning he changed his mind to 4 lollipops.
This is the first year I've really gotten excited about Christmas for Jackson. It's exhilerating to try to shop around for him and hide gifts and such. We've also been talking about the nativity story. He wants to get down the manger scenes to talk about them...unfortunately we have breakable nativities and so I can't just leave them down but hopefully after christmas is over i'll get the little people's nativity for next year.
Another fun story was for our ward christmas party Brent and I were asked to be Mary and Joseph. We thought it would be fun to dress Jackson up as a donkey to walk in with us. He was so cute and then got up to the front and yelled "I'm superman!" Sorry mom, no pictures.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

feeling wintery

We may have been the only ones out walking this morning in the just above freezing temperatures, but it made the hot chocolate really good. He was serious about it too. After I gave it to him he promptly said "now go away."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I never did this??

So I just realized I never blogged about this! My brother Lance is getting married! Katie has really been in the family forever. They've dated for years. Really longer than Brent and I. In fact I can't remember if its longer than Matt and Robyn or not. Needless to say we're thril led to have her be a Hutchison soon. They'll get married in Oxford in May and probably live some where between birmingham and tuscaloosa. Yeah for lance and katie!! Oh and how typical of Alabama to have a pose in front of an Alabama flag. Roll Tide!
3 posts today. i know im pretty much amazing.

i love my new house!

So this was the view I woke up to this morning. well actually this....but still
pretty right?
a glimpse out the front window
and finally our house in the snow. snow + new house makes me happy.

In the kitchen

I feel like its been a while since I blogged. I feel guilty not for not blogging but for being disappointed every time I find a minute to waste time and check blogger only to see that I have no blog updates. I expect others to update without doing it myself. Ahh....well. Jackson is wasting his life watching tv in the other room, Brent just set up my desk/internet, and I was just feeling inspired.
So Jackson loves to help in the kitchen. These are from the old house but I thought they were cute enough they deserved to be shown. mashing the bananas for muffins

this is seriously how i found him when i left him with the bowl. so cute.