Tuesday, September 28, 2010

F is for fancy...evidently

when you have 3 girls and one boy in your preschool, thats what you get. my friends tell me i'm funny for letting it frazzle me but frankly, i find it's fairly frightening to see your first boy fancy-ing up his fingernails.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Family pictures

We haven't had professional pictures taken of our family since July 2007. I mean don't get me wrong, we've taken thousands of pictures but i don't think we've had a single picture of everybody in our family since i was in the hospital with sam. not pretty. so when desi called me about taking pictures with andrea larsen for a fundraiser for five in training. i was really excited. i haven't gotten andrea's pictures yet but here are some of the ones we took ourself before and after the photo shoot.

ok so click on the link for five in training. even if you just go visit it, it gives their numbers a boost so hopefully they can get sponsors. i suggest though you read the story as to why they're doing this. its very touching and inspiring.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the overdue post

The cutest, sweetest, and yes easiest stage ever. I dump a bag of toys on the floor and he's good....for like an hour. seriously, an hour.

Yes I know I'm lucky but there is still that girl inside of me that thinks "since he's so good my next will be a terror."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

my birthday

i don't know how many of these i'll get to but i started with gone with the wind.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Book review

I really want to write on the blog about the books I read. I like keeping track of them. I'm just not really good at doing it when I finish and then I have a hard time remembering what I read. (As I was writing this post I remembered one I'd forgotten.) So that being said, my little book summaries or thoughts aren't very good, because I forget.

My Sister's Keeper by jodi picoult was a good kfast read. I thought the subject was good and it made me think. A 13 something girl is seeking medical emancipation from her parents so she won't have to donate a kidney to save her sister from dying of cancer. I didn't really like how it ended. It had several mini story lines that all ended too abruptly for my taste. Also, I tend to not really notice cussing until a certain word so I don't know if there was cussing throughout but once my sensitive word came up it was rather late in the book so I continued and it got worse after that. More than necessary for me.

Then I read The Peacegiver by james ferrell. I totally loved this book. I borrowed it from a friend but now I wish I had a copy of my own. It's an lds book about the atonement and finding peace. It changed a lot about how I think about the savior, my own decisions, my thoughts, and hopefully they'll change for a long time. While it is an lds book, he never mentions mormon doctrine or the book of mormon without explaining it as if the read wasn't familiar with it. I do think it's a good book even for members of other faiths. It's not a sermon like book, it's fiction so I liked reading it for that reason too. I totally totally recommend this book to the point that I want to re-read it and buy it. (I hate re-reading books and don't even particularly want to own the books I've read. I get almost all from the library so that is saying something.)

Then I read The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton. I liked it. I didn't like it the whole way through but in the end I did like it. The beginning I found rather boring but I'm glad I kept reading. It's about a guy who is engaged and the society expectations that surround him in that situation. It's about marriage and what can potentially come from that. (it's so hard to not write what happens but i don't ever know if somebody would actually read the book.)

well there you go. check them out if you want.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


We went on another vacation. This time to Destin, FL. While the weather didn't fully cooperate with us we still had fun. On the way down we stayed with my sister in Montgomery and decided to take Jackson to see the capital.

I love this shot of Sam.

So honestly, I think my favorite part of this beach trip was Jackson playing with his cousins. We don't get to see them a ton but I think he absolutely loved having them around all the time. They did it everything together: swim, fight, take a "nice warm tubbie"(hehe nico), fall asleep watching little einsteins, had a sleepover with grandma and papa, stayed up late, and more. This is all 5 grandsons.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

nursing sam

scene: I'm nursing sam on my bed, in walks jackson and sits at my feet. since sam was born we've had the rule jackson can't touch either of us while i'm feeding him.

me: hey buddy
jack: [funny face he makes while playing with sam (biting his bottom lip) reaches out to play with sams arm]
me: no touching sam while he's eating
sam: [stops eating to laugh at jackson]
jackson: [bouncing on the bed]
me: jackson no bouncing
jackson: can i bounce my shoulders?
me: no bouncing
jackson: can i bounce my feet?
me: no
jackson: can i bounce my head
me: no
jackson: can i bounce my fingers?
me: no
jackson: [begins to ever ever so slightly bounce while sitting down]
me: [trying to ignore the very very slight bouncing so we'll just be happy]
jackson: i'm bouncing mom
me: get off the bed