Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just cute pictures

These are just some cute random pictures of what my son likes to do most.
He seriously eats paper all the time. We went to the mall and he played in the little playground. so big!
He knows his favorite blankets are always in the crib so he'll pull up and then pull them out.
combing his hair

Rachel Rachel

Yeah! Rachel came to visit us for a little bit on New Years Day. We had tons of fun. Well, actually we spent way too many hours in front of Heroes season one. I got it for Christmas and Brent and I have introduced it to everybody so we've now watched it so many times its slightly embarassing. Anyway, I digress. We're glad that she came and here are the pictures to prove it.
In our struggle to break away from Heroes, we spent one evening in downtown Knoxville and really had fun. Most of the lights were still up so it was nice to see.

We found this little shop and thought mom would enjoy seeing it.


So I know I told both sets of grandparents that I wanted books or clothes for Jackson for Christmas. I remember saying the words. "We don't have room for lots of big toys" I said. Well, unfortunately when you see the cute toy you can't resist because I bought him one too!
I bought him this adorable rocking duck. It quacks! We keep it in our bedroom.
My mom bought him this way cute sorta tricycle. It will be the outside toy. He's a little too short for it now but I like to push him on it...and I guess he likes it too.
Brent's mom bought him this firetruck which sings three different songs which we love. They almost have a country twang and its just adorable. and yes, we keep the loudest toy closest to the people who bought it for him, it stays upstairs.
Thanks everybody for listening to what I wanted! j/k


All of the Johnsons (Brent's cousins that grew up in Knoxville) came to visit over the holidays. We always have a ton of fun with them because they're all gamers like us. We brought in the new year with them as well but we didn't take any pictures. They did teach us a new game called Mow (I don't know how to spell it. just know that it rhymes with wow) which we loved. This is Austin, Heidi and Anthony's son.

The Johnson girls. L-R Hillary, Claire, Tiffany, Amber

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Jackson is now a blankie kinda kid. He doesn't have one that he goes to but basically any thin one that he can hold while sucking his thumb. People tell us to avoid such habits but it's so hard to stop a kid from looking this cute!

Occasionally he'll find a shoe.

Christmas with the Barnes

Christmas day we woke up at the Barnes home. It was morning so we do look kinda rough. Don't judge us too harshly.
Brent had a bucky and Jackson got a Ducky!
Unfortunately, he had ear infections and was miserable most of the day.
Unless he was being cuddled. Which amazingly also worked for cheering up Grandma. We think she plotted to make him sick so he'd cuddle more.

Brent's dad will always guess gifts before opening. His stats are pretty high too. This year he guessed the color and pattern of 2 out of 3 shirts.

One of our traditions

I don't know where or how it started but some time in my life I decided that going to McDonald's for Christmas Eve is my tradition. I love it so much because normally I just get whatever $1 burger when I go, but on Christmas Eve I get the BIG MAC MEAL! It really is a huge thrill of my life.!

I want it!

This is every time we get out the camera. I want that thing! I want that thing!

Christmas with the Hutchisons

Marriage is great for multiple reasons but one of those is multiple christmas's! We did christmas with my family pretty early in December but it was way fun.

A unique way to open presents, but it works!


This is totally Jackson's favorite game to play now.