Friday, March 21, 2008


I was desperate when I arrived in Alabama this we ekend because I didn't have an outfit for Jackson for Easter. I am southern. In my in-laws eyes I am very southern. I don't know about that but Easter outfits are important to me. I was not going to have Jackson wearing winter church clothes after Easter. hmph. So after shopping in Tuscaloosa and finding everything sold out in his size for easter my mom and I decided to make an outfit. I have almost no experience sewing but under my moms watchful eye (and her really taking over with the buttons an collar) we worked throughout the weekend. I knew Sunday would be hard so I decided to try to take his pictures today. Like a true Hutchison, he doesn't love taking pictures but I did the best I could do.

Brittany was great to help ease his pain with bananas.

Jackson loves to peek under fabrics. He does it to girls (uh-oh), boys (uh oh) and bedskirts (oh well.)

We had to give up on outfit pictures but still got some cute cuddling with mom pictures.


So I feel like we've been on the road a lot recently. Really it was just one trip to Alabama, a trip to the mountains, and errands but it feels like more. We recently switched Jackson around to forward facing and find it almost darn near impossible to keep from watching him. This makes car naps much more difficult since Dad can't keep his eyes off of him. After I begged Brent to stop turning around so he could sleep I realized he had just adjusted the rear view mirror to make faces at him there. Seriously though, its hard to resist.