Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nicholas Hutchison

Presenting Nicholas Hutchison!!
Here's the whole family. Robyn, Nicholas, Jacob and Matt The three boys
Robyn I think you look fabulous. I was so swollen after I had Jackson I don't really like my pictures. I think you look amazing!!
So sweet!
Congratulations! We love you all!
Matt we love you tons but... Brent jokingly said after looking at a few pictures "Why does Matt look so bad? He didn't have the baby!" hehehe

Laughing Boy

So Brent has claimed that Jackson is ticklish for like a few months but he didn't really laugh. It was kinda just airy and smiley but not like a real recognizable laugh. That isn't the case anymore. He has the cutest giggle that makes me crazy its so cute. Here he had rolled across the floor until he got stuck underneath his crib. He had one leg on one side and the other on the other side. He couldn't roll back where he came from or farther in the direction he was going. It was too cute. He's found himself in that predicament several times now with the couch as well.
There's still nobody that can make him laugh like daddy. The two are totally best pals. I particularly love this picture of Brent because he was super excited!
Mom took about 6 of these pictures and kept cutting off Jackson's head but it kinda gives you an idea of how high Brent throws him. They both love it. I can hardly watch.
He's getting relatively stable at holding himself up. My favorite though is when he's playing with a toy in his lap and he slowly falls forward until he finds himself on his belly!

Monday, July 2, 2007

My Nephew

It's a Boy!!
Nicholas Gamette Hutchison
was born around noon July 2nd 2007 weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz.
Mom and baby are well.
I don't have any pictures yet but they are sure to be posted as soon as I have them or you can check their blog (Atlanta Hutchisons is the link).
Congratulations to Mom, Dad, Big Brother and Baby Brother.
Yeah Yeah Yeah
I can't think of anything else to say.

Grandma Lessons

The sentimental lessons that grandmas teach their grandchildren. Lessons that stick with us for a lifetime. Grandma Barnes is teaching Jackson to be a card shark. Jackson is obviously a quick learner. After demanding his own hand, Brent's attempts to intimidate him were fruitless.
Grandma Hutchison has other goals. She decided she'd teach him how to get out of his own car seat!! She stands by watching him squirm all the way to the floor.

What a fast learner!!