Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Roughest Day

What a rough day!! First of all, my poor son, isn't very regular if you know what I mean. Well yesterday had been one week and I of course was getting a little worried. I don't think its my imagination when I say I feel like he is a little grumpier toward the end. Well, today he had a BIG blowout. Thats about 10 wipes. That's his onesie on the right where it went out both sides and up his back. It got all over the changing pad. It was horrific. Probably a little relieving to him but still sitting in that is no picnic I imagine and its sure no picnic to change. So Trav, are you ready for babies yet?? I spoke to the Dr. and she said that its normal for breastfed babies and not to be concerned. And if that wasn't enough for the poor guy.....

today was also immunization day at the Dr.'s office. That was bad too. He had 3 shots in his leg and was not happy about it. I don't know who cried more him or me. (Really, I cried like a baby right in front of the nurse and everything. even now that i'm remembering it I'm tearing up.) I immediately thought of a comparison I heard years back though of how a baby getting immunizations and the pain we feel is like the pain Heavenly Father feels when we're going through trials. Jackson doesn't understand the good of his shots he only knows that they hurt and he doesn't understand why a loving mother would allow it to happen to him. I think as Heavenly Father watches us suffer through things he wants so bad to jump in and make it all better but he has to let us suffer so we'll be strong. Really, that was about the only thing that got me through the experience. The shots actually made him real drowsy and he went out hard and fast. He's woken up several times screaming but then falls back asleep shortly afterwards. His shots are still tender so I have to be extra careful. What a terribly hard day!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Another family addition

Another new family member!! No, Jackson doesn't have a sibling on the way yet. Brent's brother Trav just got engaged. We haven't met her yet but have only heard wonderful things about her. We're so excited for them both. Jackson actually hasn't met Travis yet either but hopefully they'll both be coming for a visit in May. Travis proposed Saturday night at Park City. From what I've heard there were several shouts of joy and excitement but eventually "yes" was the answer!! We're so glad for both of them. Jackson wanted to congratulate them too.

(it just took him a few tries)

So we just wanted to give a big welcome to the future Mrs. Becca Barnes!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

So many fun things

I put all of our camera pictures on the computer this morning and realized there are just so many good pictures. Man oh man, I have to admit it. I am proud. I know I shouldn't be. I should be more grateful less proud but I'm having a hard time controlling those feelings when I have a baby this cute. I am a prideful person!!

My poor baby had a swollen tear duct and had to receive gentle therapy. He was a good sport though. We had to massage his tear duct which proved to be very soothing and calmed his quickly.

Here he lay, quietly asleep assuming he would be left to his slumber but he was irresistible. Somebody came and marked their territory!


So I've learned the hard way that you have to make sure those diapers are on tightly and securely. The sad thing is I didn't learn it as quickly as one might hope. He has like 3 onesies that are stained by this kind of leakage!

Now don't call child services on me for stepping away from the changing table to take this picture but it was so cute. That little hood just wouldn't stay in place for him.
Here's dad's first feeding. Jackson gets a bottle about once a week when mom goes to Wednesday night church and dad stays home with him. Brent says that with the bottle he like doesn't know when to stop sucking or something because he just gets the milk everywhere. It's pouring all over his face but he still sucks!

For those of you who don't know Brent very well, he loves to pick at people. His brother Trav and I have been his target for years. Brent has already started trying to figure out with Jackson if he can mess with him. Poor Jackson. It's just that anything that comes close to his mouth he would assume was food. Honestly though, I think Jackson will grow up being immune to dad's attempts to annoy him which should give me some sweet relief!!

After a long day Jackson and I crash while Brent just lays back and watches TV!

I agree Jackson. I think he's scary in the morning too!

This is the first time Jackson met his cousin Jacob. Well, I don't know how well Jackson met Jacob but Jacob sure looks proud of his new cousin. Jacob, my brother Matt and his wife Robyn's son, will be two in June and for his birthday is getting a new sibling!! We still don't know if it'll be a boy or girl yet.

"Ugh, maybe I shouldn't have had seconds."

"Gimme a tater."

He has really starting cooing and smiling and being even cuter over the past couple of weeks. It is way fun.
So this will probably be my longest post ever so thanks for sticking it in for the long haul. Your endurance has proved your love for him and his cuteness!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The First Two Monhs

Jackson has been a perfect baby since the very beginning. Here is his picture journal of his first two months.
Jackson's first picture
Right before we left the hospital to go home.
Showing his early roots as an Alabama fan!
Top row Garrett, Brittany, Grandma Barnes, Robyn, Natalie, Grandma Hutchison, Lance
Bottom Row Jacob, Matt, Grandpa Hutchison, Grandpa Barnes, Brent, Jackson

the morning of his blessing. Rachel (my sister on a mission) sent him the bib.

I'll add more pictures once I get them off my camera. Isn't he adorable!

The Beginning

Well after months of seeing friends near and far create their own blog, we finally decided to jump on board. I'm really excited about the idea of a blog but unfortunately I'm not very good at maintaining these things. Maybe that will change as the motherhood desire continues to set in and I seem to have an unquenchable desire to show off my son. No, no, I can never hear too many compliments or hear too many times how wonderful he is. A blog is just one more way to get him out to the public and reel in the compliments so I beg of you, don't hold back!

So here for your viewing pleasure, presenting for the first time to the general public, is our son....

William Jackson Barnes

Jackson, as he is commonly referred to, was born January 25, 2007. He came in weighing a whopping 8lbs 12 oz.