Thursday, April 24, 2008

We love Spring!

"Outside! Outside!" No Jackson doesn't talk yet but thats what he would say if he could talk. (That's what his daddy would say when he stood at the window waiting to go out with his favorite toy bucky.) Jackson will stand at the door peering out until somebody takes him. In the afternoon we've explored several new parks. I just love it! I don't have many pictures to show for it though. Sorry. I'll try to take my camera more.

So this is his pretty normal hairdo. It kinda reminds me of the Kate look from John and Kate plus eight. Flat in the front but spikey in the back!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Zoo

Last week my friend Lea Ann invited me to go to the Knoxville Zoo with her. I'd never been and really wanted to go. It's a great zoo with lots to do. Here are a few of my favorite pics.
This is the camel that tried to drink Jackson's water and eat his shoe! Who screamed? That's right it was me. Jackson didn't make a peep. He was just letting him go at it.Jackson got so tickled watching the otters. Probably because it was the first time I let him out of his stroller but also because they would swim right by him where you could see them really well. Unfortunately, they're fast and never landed in a picture.

I thought he would love the carousel. He tolerated it. When I put him up there he yelled like crazy. The man running it was trying to get a few more people to ride but I think he just couldn't stand the yelling anymore and started anyway. When it started he was got quiet but never smiled, only endured well.
There's a fake cow you can milk. I didn't want to touch it because it just looked disturbing but then Jackson wouldn't either. He was more disgusted than me.
Jackson checking out the goat at the petting zoo. It was amazing how calm these animals were. Jackson was tentative but I think he enjoyed it.