Friday, April 27, 2007

I found it!

Well.... after a long wait.... I finally found my camera! Yes, my lack of posts was due to the fact that I had misplaced my camera. it will never happen again. My apologies.

So our friend becca gave us a baby gift about a week or two ago and it has proved to be like our favorite thing. It's this adorable little elephant mini-blanket thing. I lay it on top of him and he just grabs it and moves it around. He still is grabbing toys but because it's so soft he loves it. I admit, as the parent, I choose what his favorite toys are because I give him what I like the most but yesterday I learned his devotion to this new item. I put him down for a nap and he was not happy about that. After a couple of minutes of crying I gave him his elephant and a pacifier and he calmed down and went right to sleep. It was so cute! We just thought his alph-alpha look was too cute. I promise I didn't do that on purpose. How pathetic are we as parents though. He was smiling so much we tried to get a picture of his too cute, puckered lip frown!
Dad came home jammin' with the ipod and felt the need to share with Jackson. It really was cute!
I decided that he was spitting up too much and I told him I was sick of cleaning him up and constantly wiping his mouth. We both agreed he needed to take care of his own mouth so he is now wiping his mouth like a well-mannered boy should!
We had lots of friends over for dinner the other night. Years ago, before missions and such, we all used to hang out as YSA. We had the mccombs, dixons and quayles over for supper and it was so fun to catch up. We had one 3-year old, 2 babies and one baby on the way. It was super fun and we almost all had a blast. Poor Daniel, the only cool guy of the bunch, was bored by the nerd ramblings of other guys. We girls played rook and planned eryn's baby shower. Daniel played for jackson who was totally intrigued by the guitar.
Mark and Desi with Emma (the mccombs' baby) Becca and Eryn admire Ally's twirlability

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Great Grandpa!!

On our way back from Tuscaloosa we stopped by my mom's dad's (my grandpa of course) house. It was so good to see him. It was the first time he'd seen Jackson (besides all the pictures of course that my mom had shown and given him). Grandpa seemed apprehensive about holding Jackson at first but Brent gave him to him anyway and I gotta say you could tell he'd had some experience. Jackson kinda had a distressed look on his face to have been moved from his carseat so great grandpa bounced him for a little bit then put him on his shoulder to see if he had a burp. I was impressed. Even though his youngest grandchild is in college grandpa didn't miss a beat! It just goes to show. He really is a great grandpa!! We love you granddaddy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sweet Home Alabama

Jackson made his first trip down to Alabama this weekend!! Yeah! Mama loves showing him off. We were able to leave Thursday night because Brent's classes were canceled for Good Friday. We made it the whole way down without stopping for Jackson to eat which I was happy about. We have such a strong guy.

Here is Jackson with g'ma and uncle lance. Doesn't Lance look great! He volunteered to baby-sit for us Friday night but we were all too exhausted to leave. I took this picture because I thought it was so cute with the two grandparents and baby but wait.... I think Dad's watching TV!

Three of "my" young women now have babies. This is Sherry (Largin) Lake, with her baby "Deuce", Mary (Jones) Lagrone with Drew and me. Now we know we have others that will be trailing us sooner rather than later and we can't wait to add more to this picture!!
Now once Jackson got Dad's attention by crying dad was great to pick him up and sing his two favorite songs, "Take me out to the ballgame" and "Yeah Alabama" which both worked like a charm. I've even used them several times since we got home.
All in all the trip was fantastic. I'll load another picture of two of when we stopped by great-grandpa's house on the way up.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Conference Weekend

Well it was a very exciting weekend for us. This weekend our church held their semi-annual general conference which is broadcast from Salt Lake City. We typically go over to Brent's parents house to watch it since they have satellite. They also invited a couple other family's from the stake to watch. The Vaughns and the Owens families were there and so Jackson of course loved all the extra attention. I think he was thoroughly spoiled being almost constantly in somebody's arms. It was also Travis's birthday and while he was supposed to be getting all of the family's attention, little old Jackson was stealing the show so we told Travis we'd send pictures of the oh so cute things he was doing while we should've been listening to Travis.

Well this one was at home the day before but equally cute. I call it his exercise time when he lays on his stomach. Every time he'd hold himself up on his hands but by the time the camera snapped he'd be face first in the blanket. This was one that I barely got.

These were actually taken at the dinner table. They just looked so funny with his arm on the table posing for the camera.

This is Troy Owens. I hear he's practicing to be an uncle.