Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the best christmas ever.

so after enjoying the best christmas ever these are all the pics I have to show for it!  I'll get more from my mom later so maybe we can show those in february.  it really was the best ever.

Monday, December 10, 2012

This pizza won me the "cool mom" award tonight

But then i lost it for telling them to get lost while i posted the pic.   ah... these moments are so short lived.

Friday, December 7, 2012

when its been too long since a post...

you just post a lot of pictures and pretend like its organized.  but we all know its not.
I'm not sure where this picture was taken but it was in the computer with this orientation and i  loved it so much i couldn't rotate it.

my life is pure bliss

does this look familiar?  have you played bad piggies.  jackson laughed and laughed because "he's smiling because he doesn't know when he pushes the button he's going to get smooshed because there are thrusters on the top, both sides, and bottom."

stake conference reverence

stake conference bonding

stake conference shenanigans

pre iron bowl walk.  little did we know jackson was walking around with a fever.  so you're welcome to the 72% of you that have been sick this past week.  Including this rest of us.

I took this picture 4 times because Jackson was trying to make a "cool" face but he couldn't do it right.  So supposedly cool is having your eyes half open--just so you know.

In the big bath tub but still as little as ever.  seriously, she was born in the 90% for weight and is now in the 10th.  My children don't grow.