Monday, September 10, 2007

More Tennessee Pictures!

So this is a little bit of what we've been doing since we've been home. Cheri Ebbert, Becca Mccombs and I took a day in Gatlinburg while the husbands took the kids! yeah for us! Jackson's just been hanging 0ut in a box.

He seems to have skipped the crawling face and just went straight to jumping across the room! I think its because of the new shoes I bought him.

More Utah Pictures!

Well we've been home for a while but busy! We had to hit the ground running after we got home cause UT started the next day. With Brent at school all day everyday with the computer it was very hard to find time to update the blog. Finally I get the chance. These pictures are in a very random order because I just kept seeing more I wanted to post.
Brent tilted the stroller to get this shot but obviously Jackson loved it. Cuddle time with great-grandma!
I told them to act natural. This is what I get! I loved it!
Let me just tell you, you shouldn't be taking pictures while somebody is giving a tour! I learned that the hard way. After I snapped this one Rachel in full on Sister Hutchison mode shot me the dirtiest, yet with a subtlety of kind professionalism, look ever!

We didn't have the high chair so brent held him while I shoveled it in. Notice the earrings. Not my usual style but I love them!
Dashing as ever.
Brittany with her two sisters-in-law.
I thought Jackson did a great job with this shot don't you?!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Barnes

It took me long enough to get the pictures! They got married August 17th in the Salt Lake Temple. She looked absolutely gorgeous as did everybody else but I still don't have any pictures of the wedding party.
This one's my favorite!