Monday, June 29, 2009

I just wanted to post

Life has really slowed down here. i'm sick and crazy exhausted. I haven't taken pictures recently so I'll just post a picture from when we were in Alabama a few weeks ago. This is Jackson asleep on my parents boat. We were all skiing so I find it pretty amazing that he fell asleep out there. (The next week he fell asleep on the lazy river at splash country.)
Maybe we were pushing him too hard? Maybe its a good thing we've slowed down.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm pregnant!!

So a few of you know just how exciting that phrase is it to say. We are absolutely thrilled. I'm horrible at keeping it a secret. I know lots of people don't tell until after the first trimester. I haven't even been to my first appointment yet so I don't even have a real due date. Our guess is late January or early February. I've thought for a while now about the different ways of announcing it on the blog. The truth is though, I've gotten sicker sooner and frankly I feel my creative energies, as well as all other energy has been zapped out the window. So I'll share the differences between the first and second pregnancies.
Typical early pregnancy snack right?
This time around with a little twist.
And what happens when we share a snack with a 2 year old? That's right, a cracker in our drink.
Thankfully there's no picture for the second story. No more throwing up alone. Jackson was right there with me, holding his own hair, trying to do the same. yuck. I know.