Thursday, July 12, 2007

Nicholas Hutchison

Presenting Nicholas Hutchison!!
Here's the whole family. Robyn, Nicholas, Jacob and Matt The three boys
Robyn I think you look fabulous. I was so swollen after I had Jackson I don't really like my pictures. I think you look amazing!!
So sweet!
Congratulations! We love you all!
Matt we love you tons but... Brent jokingly said after looking at a few pictures "Why does Matt look so bad? He didn't have the baby!" hehehe


grandma jan said...

Well, I agree Robyn looks great but this mama doesn't think Matt looks that bad. When I heard how great he was in helping Robyn I can understand a little fatigue. He wore one Hutchison shirt and packed a second one so he looks the same both of the days I took pictures. The boys are precious and Jacob is loving and proud of Nicholas or "Aaalias" as he calls him. I am so proud of all three of my grandsons and ALL of their parents!!
Love to all.

Matt & Robyn said...

Thank you, thank you! I must say, Matt looked that way after helping me through 10+ hours of difficult labor. He worked hard for each contraction too! (Plus no shower or shave doesn't help. Hee hee hee!)

Thanks for the kind post. Can't wait to get all these boys together!

Jared and Debbie Mayfield said...

Robyn does look great! I didn't know they had another baby! Congrats!