Tuesday, January 8, 2008


So I know I told both sets of grandparents that I wanted books or clothes for Jackson for Christmas. I remember saying the words. "We don't have room for lots of big toys" I said. Well, unfortunately when you see the cute toy you can't resist because I bought him one too!
I bought him this adorable rocking duck. It quacks! We keep it in our bedroom.
My mom bought him this way cute sorta tricycle. It will be the outside toy. He's a little too short for it now but I like to push him on it...and I guess he likes it too.
Brent's mom bought him this firetruck which sings three different songs which we love. They almost have a country twang and its just adorable. and yes, we keep the loudest toy closest to the people who bought it for him, it stays upstairs.
Thanks everybody for listening to what I wanted! j/k

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