Monday, July 14, 2008


Now I need advice concerning 2 things. For those of you who only look at pictures I only have pictures for one of my questions but please hang on with me and keep reading.
Ok so some of you may know Jackson is a tantrumer. He drops to the ground and fits. It's a pain but its his age and whatever. When he drops though he has started banging his head on the ground in his frustration--cement or not. I was trying to just ignore it and not give him more attention for it but then I noticed this huge bruise on his forehead. What should I do?
Now he has to wear sunglasses inside just to hide his bruises. Nah...I just thought he looked cute.
My second question is concerning blogs. As you all know mine is totally minimal. My question was actually about comments though. Can I delete a comment that has been made to my blog? I couldn't figure out how to delete crazy's comment a few posts ago? After that I enabled some comment thing where I had to allow it to be posted before it would post but I'm so slow at my email I took that off. Any answers?


Thanaglim said...

there should be a little garbage can looking thing underneath all comments. That should allow you to take it off.

My sister used to do that until she smacked her head on the hard floor then she stopped. I'm surprised it didn't phase him if he hit his head hard enough for the bruise. I don't know what to tell you. Maybe try looking up something online as to how to stop it.

miss mae said...

Poor Jackson, don't worry too much Ultimately He will learn to express his frustration in a less bruising way. Your first concern is his and other's saftey. You can deal with the bad behavior/ attention thing later.

When they get so worked up to the point of banging their head, talking usually doesn't help utill they calm down. soo with my preschoolers sometimes we apply pressure evenly with both hands on their arms. We call it hand hugs and also pressure on their shoulders and back. It realesses dopamine which is calming. The idea is that you do something that is calming with them (it can be different for everyone) because you can't reason with someone at a high state of agitation.

I had a boy who would scream and bang his head at anything or anyone around. Usually I just tried to hold his head so we both wouldn't get hurt. Then he'd start crying and we'd ask him if he wanted a hug. Which was usually effective

If he is frusterated because he cannot express himself verbally yet, teaching A few simple signs can be helpful.

Sometimes if we knew a certain situation could lead to tantrum we would print out and laminate picture of their favorite character and give them one every few minutes of good behavior and when they got three they would get something they wanted. Sometimes it was just a break or a drink.

If he wants something but you tell him no, Stick to your guns, but help him find some appropriate ways to deal with that frusterating feeling.

I'm sure your doing a great job and what works for each kid is different.

Champion Family said...

I am by no means an expert when it comes to parenting. My little boy is 2 and is way more tantrumatic than my daughter was. Whenever my kid is on hard floor and starting a tantrum, I don't say a word to him (I agree with not giving the kid attention) and I pull his arm (I try to be gentle yet firm) and slide him across the floor onto the carpet and walk away. That way hopefully he can't hurt himself, but you are still showing him that throwing tantrums isn't going to get him anywhere.

P.S. I love the blog!

Heids said...

I thought you were going to give some "Advice" here! Austin is 2 and is still head-banging. I read that this behavior is more common in boys and occurs because they 1) get frustrated and don't know how to deal with it and 2) want attention. Also that kids have a decent sense of what really hurts and won't really bang hard enough to do damage (although sometimes it seems like it's damaging to me!).

The advice I got was to move him someplace safer (from concrete to carpet or grass), let him ride it out for a while (leave the room if needed) and then offer hugs and reassurance when the tantrum is settling. And then just let him grow out of it.

I hope he grows out of it soon! It's hard to be a mom and watch him do that! And yes, Austin gave himself a similar concrete banging bruise once. You'd think that would cure him!

Now if you have any advice for biting... send it my way!