Thursday, August 28, 2008

I blame myself

This time I can only blame myself. I was warned so many times if your child is especially attached to something buy extras. I knew I needed to be prepared for him losing it, ruining it, staining it etc. He is only one. I didn't listen. I thought it was just a plain white gerber baby blanket. I can buy one anywhere. They stopped making them in white. I have looked and looked. I can only find them now in pink, blue, and green and stripes. I bought him the two pack of blue and stripes. He is ok with the blue one but the striped one he will only touch to hand it to me like "mom, why did you drop this thing on the floor? it must be yours." I can only blame myself.

I have a few rules to protect it like not taking it bye-bye with us (except to overnight trips). That isn't fail proof like this weekend when Jackson escaped through the front door carrying his blanket dragging it through all sorts of gunk.

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Caroline said...

Oh how sweet!
I am scared that might happen to me one day! John Evan's blanket is one that Katy Lawrence made him so I know I can not replace it. I keep thinking I should like cut in in half or something!