Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm thankful for...

I 'm thanksful for my mother-in-law
(shhh... don't tell her I called her that b/c she wants me to call her mom...yeah she loves me that much)

1. Today when the car man was telling me how terrible my car was she went with me and actually knew what he was saying. asking about the blahdiblah belt (of course she didn't call it that she knew the real word!) I loved that.
2. She let me not only use her sewing machine but helped me when I continually messed it up and then blamed the machine instead of the user. so sweet!
3. She raised Brent to be a faithful, caring, fun, husband. He's also terribly handsome and I think she had something to do with that. She also understand his engineerish brain b/c she married an engineer. (she was wooed on her first date by the explanation of how a refridgerator works.)
4. At any given moment she might have 30 people staying at her home. You should probably call in advance to book a night at her house but she'll always tell you to come.
5. She loves me.
6. I lived in her house for like 8 months. that was pretty kind.
7. She is such an example of faith and service. a calling magnifier.
8. Everything she touches is perfection. wedding cakes, sewing projects, costumes, her hair
9. I've learned that a big reason her house is so inviting is b/c it's always clean. I've learned how much it invites the spirit and leads to more peace.
10. She loves Jackson and is always there for him, or me whenever I need a helping hand.


tracyp said...

And don't forget that she never seems to age, she looks like she's 30! That was such a wonderful tribute Nats...

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Great tribute! I think I envy her the most for her hair always being perfect!

Emily said...

I LOVE Dee so much and you are so lucky to have her as a Mother-in-law! I hope I get that lucky.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I haven't been checking the blog often enough. How truly sweet and wonderful you are! (and not just because of all the wonderful things you have to say about me!). I could not have picked a better daughter-in-law if I had tried. Thanks for the sweet tribute. Love you!!!