Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do city folk do mobile blogging?

So I just picture city folk mobile blogging. With their important things to do, wherever they go. After 2 days in Chicago I am fitting right in. Well, if mobile blogging is using somebody else's computer--which I don't even think it is. Chicago is just crazy cool. Freezing bitter cold. It seriously taking a good 20 minutes of 3 adults working to bundle up three toddlers with all their layers. Cute small little grocery stores. We are like a few blocks from Barack Obama's house but you can't get close b/c of the police. Anyway, my thoughts aren't organized b/c i'm just throwing this post together for Rachel. Enjoy. I'm sure i'll post more when I can think of something cute and funny.
This started b/c jackson and I play stop/go while driving. We were watching the traffic stop...then go at the stop sign then the boys joined in. After watching for 4 or 5 minutes you realize how many people ignore traffic signs.

uh...jackson sweetie...there's a door over there. you don't have to crawl through the window.


Grandma Jan said...

She forgot to mention the night on the town for us big girls. That meant the little boys had to be in bed by 7. Early to bed, early to rise, makes little Jackson healthy, wealthy and wise. Jackson and grandma share a room. He is wonderful snuggled up to me reading his book and letting me read this post. Chicago is cool and Robyn is the best entertainer and driver. Plus I was up several times last night just to look at the snow. It started falling just as we got home at 11. Love to all you warm folks back home.

Robyn said...

Natalie, that pic of Nico is amazing. What talent you have!

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