Monday, July 14, 2008


Now I need advice concerning 2 things. For those of you who only look at pictures I only have pictures for one of my questions but please hang on with me and keep reading.
Ok so some of you may know Jackson is a tantrumer. He drops to the ground and fits. It's a pain but its his age and whatever. When he drops though he has started banging his head on the ground in his frustration--cement or not. I was trying to just ignore it and not give him more attention for it but then I noticed this huge bruise on his forehead. What should I do?
Now he has to wear sunglasses inside just to hide his bruises. Nah...I just thought he looked cute.
My second question is concerning blogs. As you all know mine is totally minimal. My question was actually about comments though. Can I delete a comment that has been made to my blog? I couldn't figure out how to delete crazy's comment a few posts ago? After that I enabled some comment thing where I had to allow it to be posted before it would post but I'm so slow at my email I took that off. Any answers?

Thursday, July 3, 2008


So for Christmas last year Brent and I made a Barnes family calendar. For december we made some funny predictions for what may be happening for 2009. Can you guess which one is right?
(just picture them with missionary tags. I couldn't do it in blogger.)

Becca's Pregnant!
She's due January 31st. We are all so thrilled.
Nice neutral shade of green because who knows what it's going to be. I decided I'll call it my sobrinoa, or my niecephew, or nephiece.