Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Circus!

This past weekend we were given free tickets to the circus. While for me the circus it was so fun spending time together. This elephant was the coolest part. Recently Jackson's been hearing "sweetie I can't do that because of the baby" a lot. I mean my back aches blah di blah but I felt like this ginormous elephant blew away all of my lame excuses. If he can stand on his legs like that for like 45 seconds then maybe I can spend another 20 minutes crawling on the floor.

Amazingly though Jackson wasn't blown away and spent a big part playing peek-a-boo with my now dumped out bag. I think he just assumes anybody can fly on that trapeze.

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Grandma Jan said...

So sweet to spend time together. Jackson will have fun memories of feeling good. Might or might not remember the elephant. Love to all. MOM