Monday, May 3, 2010

Brent did this!

I think Brent is incredibly talented. Evidently the stake does too (or at least his Dad) b/c this is the 2nd time they've asked him to design a logo. This is for a multi-stake youth conference. This was one of the final drafts. While I always complain that he's taking too long and that he fusses about the little details too much I can't argue with the results because it always looks cool.


Amber said...

Wow that's really cool. Brent IS really talented. By the way, I FINALLY sent your package. See, sending a package is a month long process. First I have to get the address, that takes about a week. Then I have to find a box to put everything in....another week. Then once I put everything in a box, I have to write a nice little letter....another week, sometimes two. Then I have to let the package sit on my counter for a few weeks. After the package has sat on my counter, I transfer it to the car. If I'm lucky, I transfer it to the front seat and I take it to the post office within a day or two. However, sometimes between putting it on the front seat and going to the post office, I move it to the back seat to give it a little more sitting time. And finally, I take the long trek to the post office to send it (the post office is about 500 yards from my house). Next time, I'm just ordering something online and shipping it from there. And do you want to know where I get this procrastination father....ask anyone in my family.

I hope you enjoy your little gift.

Grandma Jan said...

He is very talented in many ways!!

Julie said...

I agree! I think it's AWESOME! We tried to design it ourselves in youth committee, but he did exactly what we were all picturing in our minds!