Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my house right now

rachel wanted a post so fascinating as it is...my house right now.
it may look like i purposely made that relief society poster look like jackson made it so i won't have to make one again, but that's not true. I tried.

my foot art still hanging up. i'll post about that later but it's been hanging there for 3 weeks now. and in the background on the wall my cute chalkboard i cut to hang in my painted picture frame. i feel like a handyman b/c i used spray paint and an exacto knife.

cookie plates for visiting/home teaching families.
the reason i was able to make my relief society poster. that's brooke. i'm watching her and her brother owen right now for their mom.

sam-who is now sitting on my lap.

and owen who i accidentally woke up taking this picture but he quickly fell back alseep. whoops.


Bonnie said...

Those sure are some cute kids you're watching :)! Also, I like your relief society poster I think it is cute! And your chalkboard looks so great, I love it!

grandma Jan said...

Day to day get er done stuff. I love it. So real. And your dad tells me everyday is a Saturday for me. So glad you take the time and have fun with the kids. Love you all.

Rachel said...

Thank you my dear!!!