Thursday, November 4, 2010

Your son watches too much pbs if....

-he runs inside with a dandelion claiming he's found a between the lion.
-he tells you to turn on p-b-s dot org slash read
-whenever you get upset with him he says "be calm and think things through that is what you need to do."
-he bounces down to breakfast saying "its breakfast tiiiiiime."
-when he "works" in the ditch at the park he hums bob the builder.
-after you tell him he can't have ice cream he responds with "i have to mom. It's in my story see[and while pointing to an imaginary sentence below his face says ] Jackson eats ice cream!"
-if he sees a bridge approaching on the road will scream "time bridge approaching!"

yea-he definitely watches too much pbs. maybe i do too.


Zach said...

Hah, this made me laugh.

Nicole lined up all her monkeys on the couch last night and demanded they watch "Curious George Movie".

Jessica said...

He is so grown up! I can't believe it. What a funny guy. I think I'll use the "it's in my story" quote on my mom sometime. :)

tracyp said...

Ha ha..... I recognize everyone of those references... we watch it a bunch also.

Rachel said...

I can tell I am not a mother of a child outside the womb yet. I least I know "Bob the Builder."

Why don't you come down this week and help paint my little girls room purple. (and when I say help. I really mean me watching you) But I would love to see you soon!