Friday, December 31, 2010

so sad

Brent's cousin Kathleen lived in Knoxville for a year. We loved it. We got together a lot. We went to the gym together. The kids had picnics. Kathleen shared her amazing toys. They left on Tuesday. We're sad but I think these pictures are even more sad. pathetic really.

I don't know. Did we get a good one?


Kathleen said...

lol, the combination is so much more expressive than one nice picture would have been. I don't think we ever got a picture with all of them together, but I did get 89 pictures that are tagged "Barnes" ( )

Jessica said...

I love Sam in that last pic. :) Cute cute cute! It is hard when family moves away.

Caroline said...

don't you love trying to get a good pic of a lot of kids? Always happens to us when trying to get one of all the grandkids! So funny! Just glad the older ones are gettind bog enough to hold the babies!