Saturday, August 27, 2011

He keeps making me laugh

Jackson cracks me up. I just thought i'd share more of his thoughts.

He'll often come in our room in the morning before we wake up asking us to get up. Yesterday morning the door opened and he whispered "mom, i know what I want to be when I grow up." Just trying to dismiss him I asked what. (For months he's been telling me he wanted to be a garbage man. Even going so far as to ask for garbage man clothes for Christmas.) He replied with "an octopus." Then closed the door. When brent asked him later in the morning what he would do when he was an octopus he said "wiggle my arms of course. That's all an octopus does."

Last night we were having friends over. I was busy trying to clean up for them. He said "mom did you put on lipstick?" I told him no but thought wow my son thinks I just naturally look good. Then he said "I think you should put on lipstick. I think our friends would like it if you put on lipstick."

Ok, son. Thanks for the advice.


Thanaglim said...

so funny

tracyp said...


Holly said...

Cute. Jackson is seriously hilarious. Kylie no longer wants to be a mermaid either, as she mentioned on her pre-k video. She is thinking about choosing a new vocation.