Friday, September 2, 2011

When the kids are gone.

I met my mom halfway between our houses on Tuesday and she took them home with her for a few days. Brent and I will go down there in a couple of hours to spend the weekend and bring them back home.
Here are a few things I've learned.
1.) I'm not the kind of mom that sits around moping because I miss them. I do miss them but I enjoyed the break tremendously.
2.) I can now compare a) kids and not pregnant b) kids and pregnant and c) no kids and pregnant. kids make me way more tired than pregnancy does.
3.) My expectations for my kids are too high. I feel like I should be able to sit down, uninterrupted, at the computer or whatever task I'm doing always. I feel like I expect chores to go when they're here the same way they go when they're not here. That's unrealistic.
4.) If it weren't for my kids I'd never leave the house in the daytime and that would be sad. (I'd also take my shower everyday an hour before Brent got home.)
5.) I can't quilt. Just not a skill I have. I have pulled out a thousand stitches these past few days. I wake up with nightmares of quilts.
6.) As much as I've enjoyed my time without them, I'm jealous of the people around them. I wish I knew what goofy things Jackson said this week. I know I would have laughed when Sam threw his tiny little tantrum or threw something across the room.
7.) I've come to the point in my life that I welcome silence and being alone. I haven't always been like that.


Jan Hutchison said...

Sam has not pitched a fit or thrown anything. At first he was afraid of Ginger, now he is running around with her and laughing his drool laugh. Jackson is so good. I laugh at the way he talks to inanimate objects and how they are not being good. "My shirt won't let me take him off." When I called him "Darling" he said, "Darling? No body ever called me Darling".
I love them so and so glad they are here. It is so much fun but don't know if I could do this every week!
They are having a great time in the pool on the deck so I can have some computer time. My table is pushed far from splashes....almost!!!
They are the BEST BROTHERS!!!!

Amber said...

Next week I head to Utah to see Anthony's new baby. It's just going to be me....Mike and Henry are staying home. I'll be gone for 5 days total. I keep going back and forth between "I'm looking forward to a break from Henry" and feeling guilty for looking forward to having a break from Henry. I love Henry to death, but he is so clingy and loves me soooo much that I feel smothered most days. Most people that I talk to about these mixed feelings tell me not to feel guilty, but it's hard not to. I will miss him so much, but I will also love having my own space for a few days. Also, we'll see how pregnancy goes when I don't have to entertain a child.