Tuesday, October 18, 2011


family pictures

It was fun. We're having family pictures done in December with Brent's family. Last night we picked a color theme (grey, navy, yellow, and stripes). Now these aren't the exact things because I couldn't figure out how to do that and of course we're using a lot of what we already have but this is generally what I'm thinking. Honestly, I just think having the clothes laid out like that makes me feel like I'm some kinda fashionista. hehehe I'm so not. I welcome any and all input. What's good about it? What's not working? I want the ties to look more casual and less dressy. Is that working or do we just all look formal?
oops..... looks like Sam figured out how to eat whoppers without bothering to ask somebody to open them. He's probably had 5 packs by now.


Bonnie said...

So I love it. I love the yellow and I love the stripes. You totally are a fashionista, that doesn't mean much coming from my unfashionable self- but anyways I'm excited I think they are going to be way cute!

Natalie said...

now if you actually care enough to try to buy those exact items you will see how obviously we aren't using those exact things. the boots i'll be wearing will not cost $974 nor will jackson wear a $53 grey t-shirt.

Janae said...

I love it! I'd say that if you want it to me more on the casual side then don't give Brent a tie. The button up and sweater will look really nice, and to pull out the yellow you should have some cute yellow accessory. I'm excited to see how these pictures turn out!

Lori said...

Natalie, I have always loved your clothes. I've seen you at the gym drying your hair more than once and thought, "Wow, I love that lady's outfit. hey, wait! That lady is Natalie!"
I was thinking the same thing as Janae, yellow accessory for you...big yellow rose pinned on or something.

Siobhan said...

Ha, that's the thing about Polyvore, they don't have like, Target brands to let you play around with.