Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ideas please

What ward or relief society service projects have y'all done in your different wards? I'm trying to think of something for a Relief Society Meeting but it doesn't have to all fit in that night. Before we've done most of the work that night then sent home parts of it to finish. I just want some ideas.


nowellmama said...

We have cleaned the buildings, planted plants, made rag quilts, hygene kits, fixed roofs, taught everyone to direct music, cooking class and taken food to needy, cut firewood, ..etc good luck,m don't forget to ck the internet like, theideadoor and other places, great ideas, blogs too.

tracyp said...

We just got together with a disabled group home area where their main campus are developmentally disabled and are not self functional and they had houses around town were the more functioning people lived. We cleaned the windows in all the houses and had Men doing yard work on some other ones also. In addition some women did tie quilts for the group homes.