Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sam's 1!

He's so cute and fun. I've really enjoyed having a 2nd baby. First of all, we're all happier with Sam around. Sometimes I think having 2 kid is seriously easier than having one because it gave Jackson a friend. Sam is the perfect distraction for both me and Jackson to take a bit of the edge off when we've been around each other too long. I also found having a 2nd baby was so much more enjoyable than the first because I wasn't so paranoid about every detail. I could relax a lot more. Now it helped that Sam has been an extremely laid back baby. Before he was crawling he'd be perfectly content to sit in one spot on the floor for at least an hour. Yesterday at Jackson's birthday party he sat in his high chair for like 2 hours and never cried for anything. I mean we'd give him crackers when his tray was empty but he was happy just watching the madness. He, like most 2nd babies I think, is tough. Jackson will hit, yell, squeeze, intimidate with all he can imagine and Sam takes it. I know it's hard to know what aspects of a kids personality will develop into character traits he'll always have but, I imagine that Sam will be peacemaker in our home. Whatever he will be though will be amazing because I can feel the potential bursting out of him. While I'm terribly, ridiculously sad to be losing my baby to toddlerhood I know it'll be an amazing adventure for all of us.

ps. jackson has asked me several times today when he'll have another birthday.
p.p.s. i quilted that sign in the background and love it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jackson's 4!

I wonder whether his birthday is a bigger deal to me or him. Of course he's thrilled. I'm mixed. I know every age has parts that are really exciting and i'm eager to see what four will bring. Man, I loved three though. I mean it was hard but so fun. He says the funniest stuff. Just this morning he said to me "I'm so excited to go show Sam how big I am now!" He said in his prayers the other night "thank you for letting us get to the tree (tree of life after fhe lesson) and thank you that the nephites can't." He's so intense. Talks ALL of the time. He loves attention from anybody that will give it and the biggest compliment he can get is being called silly or funny. not very different from his Dad i'd say with that. In his world there are only best friends and strangers. That's what he tells me. He is so eager to learn new things, from electricity to new words he's embracing this world. He's so excited to be on earf. and, [literally i'm writing w/ my eyes wet with almost tears] I'm so glad he's here on earf with me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

what a view

if you can't tell from the picture, he's laying over the bar connecting the front two legs of the kithen chair. he wasn't crying or anything. just stuck. his head was too heavy to pick up.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i'd say its a step

since he's never had anything but sips of water from a cup til now. its soy milk. if you were curious. odd huh?