Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I remember

So six years ago, i had just found out I was pregnant and I was standing behind a woman with multiple kids and a little baby in a line at Walgreens. I asked her how old her baby was and she told me like 5 days or something really new. I told her how sweet and that i had just found out I was pregnant with my first. She gave a quick congratulations but I was a bit surprised she wasn't more excited for me.

i don't know why I even remembered that story for this long but I was thinking about it again this week. How different i feel after 6 years. Here she was, having just given birth to at least her 3rd child and she was having to wait in line at walgreens with all her kids?

Where was her mom? Maybe she was at home cleaning or planting flowers. Did her dad come? Did he sing for the baby? Where was her mother-in-law? I hope she was making a bed for her to lie down in, hoping this new mom would call so that she could help out with something. Did her husband get up wit her at night? I hope he held her tight when she told her about her day. Had the youth group baby-sat for her so she could go on a date with her husband? Did they clean her house for her? Did this new baby have aunts waiting to coo over her, hold her, burp her, change diapers, or just let her mom rest? I bet even the uncles were there, probably taking pictures. I wonder if her great grandmother made a visit. Did people bring her dinner? Did they invite the older kids over to play?

I feel so blessed to have so many people in my life who serve me and my family. Its overwhelming to think of everything being done for us. For me, I hope that I can see what I can do for other people. Service really is how you can see the hand of God in our lives. It carries his spirit into their hearts.



Siobhan said...

That was so beautiful.

Jan Hutchison said...

Oh Baby, I saw all the words on this post but did not take the time to read it until today. What a great tribute to the person you are and the friends you have chosen and the family you have married into and was reared in.
As my mama always said, "What goes around, comes around". Being so far away, I too, feel so blessed for so many helping hands in Knoxville with my newest granddaughter and her family.

Maithê de Oliveira ♦♠♥♣ e tantos detalhes... said...

Emocionante sua maneira de ver as coisas, você não julga, reflete. Sabe que existem pessoas com condições melhores de carinho, de amor, e valoriza o que tem. Existem tantas mães com dificuldades, e as pessoas tem maior tendência a apontar e a julgar, mas acredito que devemos olhar assim mesmo, com solidariedade ao invés de comparação. A comparação traz sempre uma covardia...
Encontrei seu blog no next blog... na leitura da noite ás vezes uso ele. Gostei muito de ver seu olhar.
Fico feliz quando vejo que tem pessoas que enxergam o mundo com amor. Parabéns. Um abraço!

nowellmama said...

Congrats, yes having help is nice, but if not it is something you get through, take lots of pics, and enjoy it the best you can. So nice to have family though. Lol, Just think, with so much love, they can't wait for number 4. Stay strong and give yourself time to recoup. but not too long, bc the boys will be grown and you might think no more, no more. Prepare yourself, it may happen. jk she is beautiful and I am jealous. lol