Saturday, June 30, 2012

so let me get this straight

Matt and Robyn are moving to Denver.  They're selling the car and Matt is driving the van out west.  Lance and Katie are coming to East Tennessee for a wedding.  On their way home they will leave their car at our house and ride with me and the kids in the van back to Pelham.  Dad will meet us at their house in Pelham in the truck and leave that for Lance to drive for a week.  Dad will then ride with me in the van back to Tuscaloosa.  Meanwhile, mom is meeting Robyn halfway between Tuscaloosa and Little Rock to bring Jacob, Nico, and Benjamin back home with her.  Robyn will go back to Little Rock for the movers to pack up the house then come down later in the week (how?).  I'll spend a week in Tuscaloosa.  Rachel will drive up (or we'll take a day to drive down) to visit with Hannah and 3 week old Sarah Grace.  Brent will drive Lance's car down from Knoxville on Friday.  Lance will drive the truck and Katie will drive her car down to Tuscaloosa on (Saturday?).  Lance and Katie will drive their two cars separately back home on Sunday dropping off Robyn, Jacob, Nicolas, and Benjamin at the Birmingham airport so they can fly out to Denver.  Brent will ride back home with me in the van with the kids.


For grandma to have all eight grandkids together, and maybe take a picture.


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Kathleen said...

So your blog comes up in my Google Reader newsfeed and this came up right after this post:

It was funny because it was right after I read "and maybe take a picture"--I assume your picture attire will be much different!

Rachel & Stephen said...

Haha!!! I feel like I have to draw a diagram