Monday, August 20, 2012

my mudroom

well, i don't have a mud room, but I really wanted one.  I have really been trying to come up with a more organized "on our way out" zone and i finally came up with something I think I will like.  Thank you Brent for hanging the baskets.  I do not like drills.  I whined until he took over.  Jackson couldn't reach the top basket so we just hung Eva's higher because we'll be getting her stuff out anyway.  You know why this makes me the happiest?  maybe the initials but probably because now i'll have a spray bottle and comb downstairs to tame hair that didn't get tamed upstairs.  It happens A LOT in our house.

hooks for bags

I'm debating on adding a full length mirror here so I'll notice when i forget to put on make-up or realize it might be tacky to wear spit up like that.  We're also starting chores for Jackson.  Stickers for everyday he does them all--7 stickers earns $1.  He also gets a sticker for music practice (that reward comes in class if he practices 5 times) and stickers for reading (10 buys him a new book.)  I don't know if I'm being too indulgent.  I think its more so that I remember to read with him.

 This is for me.  Its worked all summer and i love it.  Its my chore chart (i get to check when i've completed a chore which is oddly rewarding for me).  Basically its just everything I need to know for a week:  grocery list, meals, calling, planner, to do list, visiting teaching, budget, and what's coming later this month.
you can go ahead and tell me i'm amazing!  Nothing beats working like planning on working then blogging about it!


Bonnie said...

So, your amazing! I love the baskets, so cute!

Lori said...

Organization is the BEST. Nicely done.

Kathleen said...

Great ideas! I have a drawer in my kitchen for hair things and brushes because I always do the kid's hair during breakfast, I almost never do their hair in the bathroom.

tracyp said...

Love all the organization.. I can't wait until I have room again to be organized.

Jeni said...

Love the baskets! Will you email that list for the fridge?? I need that!