Saturday, June 30, 2012

so let me get this straight

Matt and Robyn are moving to Denver.  They're selling the car and Matt is driving the van out west.  Lance and Katie are coming to East Tennessee for a wedding.  On their way home they will leave their car at our house and ride with me and the kids in the van back to Pelham.  Dad will meet us at their house in Pelham in the truck and leave that for Lance to drive for a week.  Dad will then ride with me in the van back to Tuscaloosa.  Meanwhile, mom is meeting Robyn halfway between Tuscaloosa and Little Rock to bring Jacob, Nico, and Benjamin back home with her.  Robyn will go back to Little Rock for the movers to pack up the house then come down later in the week (how?).  I'll spend a week in Tuscaloosa.  Rachel will drive up (or we'll take a day to drive down) to visit with Hannah and 3 week old Sarah Grace.  Brent will drive Lance's car down from Knoxville on Friday.  Lance will drive the truck and Katie will drive her car down to Tuscaloosa on (Saturday?).  Lance and Katie will drive their two cars separately back home on Sunday dropping off Robyn, Jacob, Nicolas, and Benjamin at the Birmingham airport so they can fly out to Denver.  Brent will ride back home with me in the van with the kids.


For grandma to have all eight grandkids together, and maybe take a picture.

Friday, June 29, 2012

eva's blessing

i probably shouldn't post twice in one day.  i should space it out.  i just can't.  i just barely got these pictures from my mom and i couldn't wait to share them.  
I can't decide what my favorite part of her  blessing day  outfit was.
the bonnet, the smocked dress, or the monogrammed bloomers.  girls are so fun!

what we go through to get the picture!  i had to include this.

after a day like that, we certainly all feel blessed.

sweet sam

so thoughtful to bring eva a light saber for church.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

i don't know what to name this post

either the apple doesn't fall from the tree or we haven't grown up as much as we thought or hypocrites

so we're at the beach.  we tell jackson to go put on his flip flops and he can't find them.  we look all over then grandma asked if he remembered to get the from the pool.  we begin to rail jackson for not being responsible.  you have to keep up with your things.  pay attention. your shoes might be gone buddy.  etc. etc. jackson goes into hysterics.  we thought a good sense of fear of losing something you love is good for him.  we'll let him suffer until we get down there to look for them.  good ole' papa walks him down to the pool then to look in the lost and found to find his flip flops.  he comes back in wearing them.

then papa says, "i also found a set of beach chairs that look suspiciously like ours down there."

we glance at each other, then to where we should have put them when we got back to the condo, and then realize they were indeed brent's parents chairs, that we borrowed, and left at the pool, with jackson's sandals.

it burned.

Friday, June 8, 2012

my current favorite picture...hands down

brent said the worst part is how cute he looks.  i hope for sam's sake eva's hair grows fast.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

funny guy

When jackson brought home his new trophy from t-ball he told me he had the perfect place to put it.  Under my dresser!!

when i told him he should put it on his dresser he said, "no under!  like a buried treasure!"