Monday, April 2, 2007

Conference Weekend

Well it was a very exciting weekend for us. This weekend our church held their semi-annual general conference which is broadcast from Salt Lake City. We typically go over to Brent's parents house to watch it since they have satellite. They also invited a couple other family's from the stake to watch. The Vaughns and the Owens families were there and so Jackson of course loved all the extra attention. I think he was thoroughly spoiled being almost constantly in somebody's arms. It was also Travis's birthday and while he was supposed to be getting all of the family's attention, little old Jackson was stealing the show so we told Travis we'd send pictures of the oh so cute things he was doing while we should've been listening to Travis.

Well this one was at home the day before but equally cute. I call it his exercise time when he lays on his stomach. Every time he'd hold himself up on his hands but by the time the camera snapped he'd be face first in the blanket. This was one that I barely got.

These were actually taken at the dinner table. They just looked so funny with his arm on the table posing for the camera.

This is Troy Owens. I hear he's practicing to be an uncle.


Heids said...

I heard you guys were blogging now. It'll be fun to catch up on all the Jackson news. He's such a cutie! Feel free to drop by our blog anytime and catch some Johnson news:

Matt & Robyn said...

Firstly, gross poop on the previous post!!!! But, I guess the truth hurts.

Secondly, I really like the pics of him with his elbow on the table. He really knows how to spread out and get comfy.

So, so cute.