Friday, April 27, 2007

I found it!

Well.... after a long wait.... I finally found my camera! Yes, my lack of posts was due to the fact that I had misplaced my camera. it will never happen again. My apologies.

So our friend becca gave us a baby gift about a week or two ago and it has proved to be like our favorite thing. It's this adorable little elephant mini-blanket thing. I lay it on top of him and he just grabs it and moves it around. He still is grabbing toys but because it's so soft he loves it. I admit, as the parent, I choose what his favorite toys are because I give him what I like the most but yesterday I learned his devotion to this new item. I put him down for a nap and he was not happy about that. After a couple of minutes of crying I gave him his elephant and a pacifier and he calmed down and went right to sleep. It was so cute! We just thought his alph-alpha look was too cute. I promise I didn't do that on purpose. How pathetic are we as parents though. He was smiling so much we tried to get a picture of his too cute, puckered lip frown!
Dad came home jammin' with the ipod and felt the need to share with Jackson. It really was cute!
I decided that he was spitting up too much and I told him I was sick of cleaning him up and constantly wiping his mouth. We both agreed he needed to take care of his own mouth so he is now wiping his mouth like a well-mannered boy should!
We had lots of friends over for dinner the other night. Years ago, before missions and such, we all used to hang out as YSA. We had the mccombs, dixons and quayles over for supper and it was so fun to catch up. We had one 3-year old, 2 babies and one baby on the way. It was super fun and we almost all had a blast. Poor Daniel, the only cool guy of the bunch, was bored by the nerd ramblings of other guys. We girls played rook and planned eryn's baby shower. Daniel played for jackson who was totally intrigued by the guitar.
Mark and Desi with Emma (the mccombs' baby) Becca and Eryn admire Ally's twirlability


Thanaglim said...

finally...GOSH! :) too precious

Caroline said...

Love the picture of Jackson listening to the IPOD! too cute!

Heids said...

Cute pics. Glad to see a new post. When do we get some video ;o)?