Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Vacation

These are just more vacation pictures.

I wasn't there then, but evidently Jackson loved the water and the only time he cried was when they took him out!
This is my cousin Brittany getting married with her siblings Eryn, Emily, Thomas and David. She looked absolutely gorgeous!
We traveled with my way too cool cousins Teryn and Sage. They are way in to fashion and I tought looked great in New York but they still paused to take care of a baby wearing a bib that said "If I don't eat nobody sleeps!" I think that bib is so classic hick humor.
We walked across the Brooklyn bridge which was terrifying but that's downton manhattan behind me.
I think this would have satisfied all of Jackson's sightseeing desires.This was a little place we ate at in Little Italy.Between the 4 of us we came home with 10 bags. This isn't all of them. I've never been big into purses and stuff but you couldn't help it there. I loved it! Mine's the orange prada. (Oh after this trip I finally got the title of the movie "The Devil Wears Prada." It's a designer. I never knew that. My cousins helpd enlighten me on a lot of stuff.You have no idea how excited I was to see Brent. We'd never been apart that long since we've been married. Five days is a long time! Surprise surprise what did I do when I saw him. Oh yes, the same reaction for everything, I cried.
It's also another great shot of my bag!


Thanaglim said...

didn't get that bag from the trunk of a stranger did you? Just kidding. It's a cute bag!

I'm glad you had fun though. Did Brent do good on his tests he was studying for?

Caroline said...

Love that first picture of Jackson and love the bag!

Thanaglim said...

What happened to the father's day stuff?