Monday, May 5, 2008

A day at the Park

So I'm pretty sure I don't have anybody in Knoxville that reads my blog, but if by chance you are out there and I don't know it...I totally recommend Walker Springs Park. It's so pretty-- not over-crowded--and there is lots of shade which is nice on those really hot days. It has this really nice playground with slides, a pianoish thing, and a periscope. Jackson ignores all of that though to find sticks in the grass.

Wow, TWO!
Then he goes for the pretzels that other kids have dropped.
Then gets mad when he doesn't get the pretzel AND gets stuck under the bench while his mom just laughs.
Then for the last (very long for me) 45 minutes he insists on swinging.
Yeah! we love the park!
Did I mention we love going to the park?


Grandma Jan said...

45 minutes on the swing? Gee, that is being very focused. Love,

Rachel said...

Usually if you were mean (like myself) you wouldn't tell people about that park so that it wouldn't get overcrowded. You might want to hang on to that bit of advice.