Monday, May 26, 2008

Sandestin Playground

Yeah! We just got back from an amazing vacation to Sandestin with my family. Because of the extreme amount of fun we enjoyed in a variety of activities I will (eventually) make several posts. The first is of the amazing playground that they had. Are y'all tired of me bragging on playgrounds? Sorry.
It took some convincing, but eventually Jackson became a big fan of the bicycle. We went on a bike ride most days. It was just like a 1.5 mile ride to the park so we went often. Unfortunately I was not good at riding so this is the best picture I was able to get. Really, at my low skill level I should have kept my camera in my pocket.

They had one of those mist things like six flags if you've ever been that Jackson really liked.

Brent testing Jackson's arm strength.

Nico in the swing.
They also had a parent swing to hold the kids in. I loved it.
Jacob about to throw a fist-full of playground stuff.

On our way out there is a bridge over this little pond or something. We saw this turtle swimming and I swear it waved. I thought it was a cool picture with our shadows in it too.
Thanks again family for all the memories!


Thanaglim said...

it was great seeing you guys I'm sorry it wasn't for long though. I like the first picture. It looks like Jackson is right at Brent's butt haha

Barnes Family said...

the funny thing about that is jackson did get mad at brent for being right in front of him and kept trying to push him off the seat

Robyn said...

Turtle: "Thanks for visiting Baytowne Warf!" (wink)

It is fun to see your pics. We had a great time.

Grandma Jan said...

what a sweet post. we did have a wonderful time and I still need to get pictures off Rachel's computer to send to you. Love, MOM