Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome to our Home!

Our late home introduction has arrived. For those who don't know we moved into this rental last month (the same day of Brent's grandmother's funeral!) It's a good location for Brent's job and we love it. It's very small which I realize now I love because it means Jacksons always close and so are his shoes, blankie, wipes, diapers, clothes, toys, milk, and every other thing I need for him when I'm in a rush. So I realized the only way I'd get this blog done and it'd ever be cute enough is if Jackson was in every shot so we're showing you his favorite things to do in every room (or whatever I could get him to do.) So come on in!

This is Jackson's room. His toys and books stay in those shelves and his room really stays relatively clean on a good day when he and I are in good moods. ....really not all that often!
This is the extra bedroom/office. Jackson's real favorite thing to do in this room is throwing office supplies everywhere but we didn't stay in long enough to get that picture. This picture makes me slightly sad because all my sewing is put up. It's nice and neat but when its messy and chaotic it means I'm in a project which is fun.
Coloring on the floor. Notice my favorite decor of the room, the rocking ducky from christmas. I love it!
Jumping on mom and dad's bed then resting from the thrill of it all.
Back porch

Eating grapes! yumo!
Come back and visit if you can ever find us!


Lori said...

Love your house! Are you feeling nice and settled? And what an adorable little tour guide you have!

Emily said...

Thanks for the tour it was fun! :)

The Archibald Family said...

Love the house and all your projects. Impressive for one day's work. I always love ending the day feeling I've gotten a lot done.

tracyp said...

Cute Nat's. I like the bag you made... very cute... I'm also doing a quilt but you actually finished yours... and the cookies look delicious!

Grandma Jan said...

Such a cute post! Love Jackson's haircut. He was the perfect host to your lovely home. Love y'all.