Thursday, January 1, 2009

Too much

We spent Christmas with my not-too-big family in Alabama. but took too many pictures like this.
ate too many cookies like this (that is sneaking them when nobody was looking, amazing, even Jackson caught on to that tradition)
opened too many presents. no one should be so blessed.
too much fun!
We missed you Chicagoans! Love you all!


tracyp said...

Jackson look so cute in the picture of him stealing the cookie! I'm glad you got to see your not-so-big family!

Robyn said...

Sigh. I can imagine it all. I feel (and know) that we missed out on a Hutchison Christmas. It looks like a great time.

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Emily said...

Looks like a great time! I am happy got to see you both at Christmas!!!

Caroline said...

Fun! I am glad y'all had a great Christmas in the cozy Hutchison home!