Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Super Sam

it has a nice ring to it huh?(can you see kiki scrap in the picture? our house is littered with them)

so sam gets his bib twisted and i think it makes him look like a super hero and take gobs of pictures.
what if your son tells you he wants to be a super hero for halloween. when i ask which one he just keeps with the ambiguity and says a super hero. we have a cape with a J on (thanks Robyn) which he loves. the problem is thats exactly what his cousins were last year. exactly. i don't think he saw the pictures. should i let him and totally take the easy way out or should I try to persuade him another way?


Lori said...

TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT! There are enough hard things. Take an easy one whenever it comes your way. :)

Amber said...

I agree with Lori.....there will be plenty of years ahead that he will be VERY picky/specific on his costume. If he doesn't care what Super Hero, then just use the easy capes.

Robyn said...

Two words: Action Jackson. Just a thought.

Bonnie said...

Totally use the cape, he'll be so cute! If he doesn't care go for it!