Friday, May 13, 2011

do you want to see sam?

i posted something like this yesterday along with other posts to be scheduled out but they were all deleted. did y'all have any problems with blogger recently?

this is sam. sweet. happy. cheerful. sam. he spends his days playing with balls. careful though, he will throw them. he is mostly walking these days. he started saying "uh oh" which he says in the cutest little way. his "oh" sounds like either a canadian or minnesota accent (i get them confused but its cute.) he loves to feel a part of things. when jackson and i were watching tangled last week sam would loudly laugh whenever we did. he loves to be thrown backwards. when you hold him, you must hold on tight because he will throw himself backwards so that you'll dangle him upside down. very nerve wracking.


Bonnie said...

He's such a cutie! I am so jealous of you having a 2nd child that's real laid back and go with the flowish-that must be nice :)!

Jenny said...

He's adorable, Natalie!

Robyn said...

So grown up and so cute!