Sunday, May 15, 2011

its kinda weird though

the kramers are a good family friend of ours. i serve in relief society with the mom, kristy. brent serves in elder's quorum with the dad, brad. and jackson was in preschool this year with their daughter hannah. we see a lot of them separately, but apparently, not a lot of them together. this is the story kristy told me when i picked jackson up from her house today.

kristy: jackson, what should i name my daughter? (she's 6 months pregnant)
jackson: i have a name but it's kinda weird though. brad. it's my dad's friend's name.
k: that's hannah's daddy's name. does you're daddy have more than one friend named brad?
J: ??
k: [kristy showed jackson a picture of brad.] is this him?
j: [very obviously amazed] oh my goodness. that's my daddy's friend!!!


Kathleen said...

That is too funny!

tracyp said...

So funny!

Cheri said...

ha ha ha... Jackson sounds so grownup and funny! Adorable!