Friday, July 8, 2011

The great outdoors

Amazingly, I convinced Brent to go camping with our friends the Kramers. He's not really a camper. In fact, he slept on a blow up mattress in the van but still, he went. We had so much fun. Even Brent will confess to that. We had running water and bathrooms, picnic tables and sites right next to the car--not exactly primitive but roughing it. Jackson, who is nervous about standing on the stage at church climbed this rock and told me to take a picture. He was very proud of himself. He also go to try a hand at fishing which he'd been wanting to do for a while.
Brent's fish. Can you see it?
....and....the salamander. What can I say beside I told you so. He's gross.

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Grandma Jan said...

Gross or cruel?!? I am afraid for Brent to come visit my house. I am afraid he will eat my green tree frogs or the forever tadpoles on my kitchen counter.......Poor Jackson. I am crying with you....