Thursday, July 7, 2011

i did a bad thing

i saw my sister calling and didn't answer it because I felt too bad about still not putting up a new blog. in my defense, which is small i know, that was 3 minutes ago.

this is a random sampling of what we might be doing at any given point this summer.

what i left jackson doing...
what i came back to find. yeah, this particular activity has happened countless times.

it's been an AWESOME summer! this is just a day to day thing. wait til i show the rest!

1 comment:

The one you avoided said...

I was seriously SO WORRIED!!! I hadn't heard from you in 49 forevers! You are such a Turkey! You know I called mom. BOO!

On another note, WOW Jackson is learning to read! He is such a smart little boy. I love you!