Monday, December 12, 2011

ok, so as you may have noticed, I haven't sewn in a long time. A few projects have really cured me of any desire to sew. Now I'm having a girl. I hear my old self looking at fabrics and projects saying "if only i had a girl!" but now I can't motivate myself. Do y'all have some simple-get-your-groove-back ideas for a girl? links to pictures but especially tutorials are very much appreciated. i'd like to have a project to start after christmas. i'd also love to learn how to knit/crochet/something that i can do on the couch downstairs with brent. how did y'all learn?


Amber said...

You may already know about this website, but I love it -

she has some cute stuff for her little baby girl and some other stuff for her older girl.

Brittany Barnes said...

Me and mom are gonna make some skirts while I'm home! You should totally make some with us!!

nowellmama said...

youtube has some great videos of how to crochet and knit. practice practice practice.

Sara said...

Dana of MADE has some easy tutorials for simple skirts. Her Market Skirt is a staple in Isla's wardrobe. I make them a lot and you can use your scraps and it's lots cheaper than buying shorts and skirts for the summer.
Also, Made By Rae used to have a tutorial for a tiny dress for a newborn that was so cute that I never made for Isla.
And the leggings from women's socks are super easy and cute.
Have fun and I've been meaning to tell you congrats on the addition. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well!

grandma Jan said...

Your mother can teach you how to crochet. Love, Your mother