Monday, January 9, 2012

i felt like my blog wanted some pictures of my kids

one of 500 forts we've made
playing in the 1000s of impossibly-hard-to-clean-up styrofoam balls from said fort.

i made him try on his clothes for family pictures.

falling asleep in grandma's arms with his fingers crossed.

i couldn't really tell you why i took this picture.

picture outfit. i can only get him to smile for pictures when i count 1-2-3 and his plan is to run away on 3 but i snap on 1. family can back me up on his refusal to smile for the camera.

sharing some dinner on the floor.

grandma jan read books on dvds for christmas. totally loved it.

i love my boys. i love their ages. more so now so close to birthdays i wish i could will them both to stay the same age. they'll be 5 and 2!!! it just seems so old to me.


Bonnie said...

Your boys are so cute! I love the forts, Brooke won't let me get rid of any cardboard boxes she wants to use them all to make forts and robot costumes.

Natalie said...

we've had a cardboard box in our living room now since the summer. he calls it his dog house in case he ever gets a dog!

Rachel said...

Your blog was YEARNING for pictures of the boys. I love them so much!

Ashley said...

Cute boys. I can't believe how big they are. I work for Protective Life Insurane.

Grandma Jan said...

Can't tell you about the stroller but look back on Robyn's blogs when she was shopping for Ben.
So glad your unnamed baby girl will have TWO girl cousins to play with! Love the boys pictures here. LOVE YOU ALL!