Friday, July 29, 2011

We've been playing a lot of charades

here are a few of my favorites of jackson's

here are his hints as he's standing with his legs apart and arms stretched high.
I have screws. I'm made of metal. I'm on paper. [huh??] I don't have a chimney. I don't have magic.

Give up?

it's a picture of a robot.

He's curled up small on the floor
are you curled up like a ball?
I don't know buddy. All I can think of is a ball.
Yep! I'm a ball.

Another time he's curled up like a ball.
Are you a ball?
I'm a ball on a person.
an eyeball!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I love Sundays

We have church at 11:30 so it gives us a long time to get ready at our own speed. I was struck Sunday morning at my two boys getting ready for church. It was just a nice morning.
I think I took the toothpaste away from Sam 3 times that morning. He kept just going to get another tube.

I never even got a picture of them ready next to each other but they were cute. Sometimes, when I review my blog, my favorites are the mundane or relaxing time with the family.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The great outdoors

Amazingly, I convinced Brent to go camping with our friends the Kramers. He's not really a camper. In fact, he slept on a blow up mattress in the van but still, he went. We had so much fun. Even Brent will confess to that. We had running water and bathrooms, picnic tables and sites right next to the car--not exactly primitive but roughing it. Jackson, who is nervous about standing on the stage at church climbed this rock and told me to take a picture. He was very proud of himself. He also go to try a hand at fishing which he'd been wanting to do for a while.
Brent's fish. Can you see it?
....and....the salamander. What can I say beside I told you so. He's gross.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garrett and Rhada came to visit.

It was so fun to have Garrett and Rhada come up. We spent a day in the mountains. They hiked the chimneys

we met them at the bottom for snacking, swimming and jumping.

For the 4th we did our annual Belmont bike parade and Brent ended up carrying the tricycle back again.
I don't know why it turns into this.

i did a bad thing

i saw my sister calling and didn't answer it because I felt too bad about still not putting up a new blog. in my defense, which is small i know, that was 3 minutes ago.

this is a random sampling of what we might be doing at any given point this summer.

what i left jackson doing...
what i came back to find. yeah, this particular activity has happened countless times.

it's been an AWESOME summer! this is just a day to day thing. wait til i show the rest!